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So, I'm talking to my son about creating a character for a Discworld RPG, daughter comes in, and just sits and starts drawing...

"What you drawing?"

"Oh, this is my character..."

"Is she a princess?"

"Well, she was, until she was given a ring by her granny, that her mum and dad don't like her to talk to, and it glowed, which meant she was a witch like granny was secretly, so her parents found out and threw her our, even though she was a princess and only ten. And she's travelling the world to find someone to teach her witchcraft. This is her cat. She accidentally cast a spell on it and now it talks, and it's REALLY ANNOYING."

Wow. Character with interesting history, conflict and motivation and even a great comedy sidekick. In as long as it took me to type that.

That character CANNOT have anything dull happen to it.